Showering With Your Girlfriend

Note: This is about regular, day-to-day showering with your girlfriend. If you’re looking for shower sex tips, check out my sister site,

I’ve always been a fan of showering with my girlfriend. Not only is it a great excuse to see her naked, but I can also be warm and clean at the same time. It’s really the ultimate sign of success. You can see a woman naked in the same place you like to slap soap bubbles against your stomach to see how far they fly. That’s huge. But if you’re like me, you don’t want it to end prematurely. So it’s important to follow a few tips to make sure that when she wants to get clean, you get a good view. 

Everyone in the pool!
If you and your girlfriend aren’t on the same shower schedule, you’ll never get the chance to see what she does with a loofa. So make sure you’re always ready. However, she may express interest in showering alone so she can “shave her legs”. Nice try! Just pour some pasta sauce on yourself. She’ll have no choice but to let you in.

Hot spot
Unless you’re a millionaire, royalty, or are one of those guys who is really handy, you probably only have a single showerhead. That means either you or your girlfriend will be getting the life-giving warmth from the shower, while the other person is a little wet and uncomfortable. I wish this weren’t the case, but unfortunately, it is. So best to make sure you get the position next to the showerhead. If she complains, just start talking about something serious like marriage or whatever. Not only will this draw her attention away from where you’re standing, it’ll increase your viewing time as well. Boom!  

Bonus time
Eventually you’ll have to get out of the shower. Or will you? What if you could take the best parts of showering with your girlfriend: the nudity, the warmth, the boobs, and experience them outside of the shower? It can’t be a coincidence that water balloons take on a very familiar shape. So I propose you keep some around and next time she’s watching The Bachelor, The Bachelorette, or The Bachelor Pad you launch off a few bombs her way. She’ll be wet and then hopefully disrobe. Granted, I’ve never tried this myself, so I can’t promise anything. But I think it should work. If you do try it, remember, moderation is key. 3-4 times a week should do the trick.

I hope these showering tips were useful and stay tuned for my next post, “Sleeping Next to Your Girlfriend: Stealing Covers and Sneaking a Peek”.