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Praise for



“If we decide to make a list all about the best websites by people like Alex, his website would surely be on that list.”  —

“Well, well, well. Look what the dorknado created. If you think a casual understanding of web design will get you out of doing my homework, you better think twice!"  —  Bret

 “Why do you think you feel this need to make a mark in the world? Does that remind you of anyone? How about your mother? Let’s pick up on that next week. We're out of time.”  — Dr. Friedman

“I actually have to go find my friends. Your website? Sure... No, no. I’ll remember how to spell it.”  — Girl at bar

“I love it! My favorite part? The…uhhh… It would probably have to be homepage. Yeah! The homepage! Just so many amazing colors. What do you mean? Of course I saw it.”  — Mom

“Babe, is that the loser who tried to pick you up with his website? Hey dork! I thought I told you to finish my homework, not hit on my girlfriend!”  — Bret