Submission Guidelines NYSE: ALXS $253.45 ↑23 (+1.2%) has continued to gain readers in key demographics, excluding men and women ages 18–35. So it's only fitting that we pull back the curtain and open up our media empire to each of them. That's why we are finally, after numerous legal battles, accepting submissions. But before you polish off your great think piece, take a look at our submission guidelines. They may seem tough, but it’s all in an effort to ensure we continue to produce award winning and profitable content.

Send submissions to:

  • Length: We believe attention spans are getting longer, not shorter. So please do not submit any articles that are under 1,500 words or videos under 3 minutes.

  • Subject matter: All we care about is that what you write is good. And also that is uses buzzwords (eg, “Pop-tart” or “new sink”) in every sentence to help us get clicks.

  • Review process: As you can imagine, as soon as we open the floodgates to submissions, we will be inundated. So expect a 2-week to 8-month waiting period to hear back. And while you wait, please do not submit anywhere else. All pieces appearing online or in our print edition must be previously unpublished. If your piece is chosen, you will receive a series of notes from one of our community editors. All of our editors are from Harvard. Their notes are not to be second guessed.

  • Repeat submissions: Even the most widely respected writers only produced a handful of truly great work. So we are capping everyone at 3 submissions. We believe anything after that will most likely be garbage.

  • Compensation: All submissions are paid on a scale, which is as follows:

    • 1st 10,000 views: $0

    • After your first 10,000 views the counter resets

Should you have any questions, email That email will count toward one of your 3 allotted submissions.