S&M Production Company Cover Letter

BDSM production company 
looking for an experienced videographer / editor in the industry. 
if you are out of school or where never on the set please don’t waste your time. 
industry experience is a must for this position. 
have references otherwise you will not get a reply. 



Back in Hebrew school my Rabbi taught us young Jews about the importance of an honest days work. Well that or at the very least something involving bondage. That is why when I saw this Craigslist post I knew I was the right man for the job.

 While I have never spent time on a “professional” BDSM film set, I did date a girl in college who owned a small camera and needed to act out her aggression. In addition to my real world experiences I have also studied film for the past four years of college so I know the in and outs of making a movie. This will allow me to bring my knowledge of Renoir and Spielberg to your productions.

 I know you explicitly state that you would not like to have any recent graduates but while I may lack the experience of a seasoned pro, I do have an eagerness to learn and occasionally watch. As far as references go my internet search history should tell you everything you need.