Over the past few weeks, many people have asked me for recipe tips. It seems like you’re all dying to know the best meal to eat after hitting the gym. And while my recipe works pretty well, feel free to make it your own.


2 ounces cheese (any kind will do)
1 Trader Joe’s pre-cooked sausage
Chicken tiikka masala (4-8 ounces depending on how much you finished at dinner the night before)
Frozen peas (4 ounces)
Frozen spinach (2-10 ounces depending on if more falls out of the bag than you planned for)


Step 1 - Take out your cheese and cut 3 pieces. Eat them. You don’t want to get too hungry while you’re cooking.
Step 2 - Realize that you don’t have enough leftover Indian food for a full meal.
Step 3 - Take out the sausage and wonder aloud if “sweet basil chicken” goes well with tikka masala. Decide it does and proceed to step 4.
Step 4. Cook sausage, spinach, and peas in a small saucepan. It’s important that it be small so your food can spill it over the edges.
Step 5 - Add chicken tikka masala into pan and mix together until warm.
Step 6 - Pour entire mixture into bowl.
Step 7 - Lie to your roommates about what you’re making as it the truth may gross them out.
Step 8 - Stare at your creation for a while and try to think if you’ve ever heard of an “Indian-Italian fusion” restaurant.
Step 9 - Brainstorm a few names for the restaurant: Bollywood fired pizza, Parmasala, Pastanaan, etc.
Step 10 - Try a bite and see if you can decide if this is a good thing or terrible.
Step 11 - Keep thinking
Step 12 - Keep thinking
Step 13 - Finish entire bowl (still undecided)