My Girlfriend's Underwear

As my girlfriend and I have gotten closer, so too have our clothes. On an average week, I’ll find any number of items from her wardrobe throughout my room. Mostly t-shirts and a few socks, but sometimes something exciting like a sweater. Recently, I discovered a pair of sexy women’s underwear under my bed. I say “sexy” because they were the thong kind. I’m not sure who here is unaware of the thong but it’s pretty sexy. The whole butt is exposed. Which is nice.

Anyway, I was sure they were her’s. Like 99% sure. But still you never know. Maybe they belonged to an ex-girlfriend and slowly, week after week, made their way from the depths of my closet to the middle of my room with the sole purpose of ruining my life! Or maybe, there was a  freak mix-up at my laundromat. Oh! Or maybe I have a secret admirer who left them for me. Yeah… I like the last one. Either way, I figured it wasn’t worth me bringing it up. The underwear that is. Not the secret admirer.

I finally decided to just pick them up and stuff them into my closet. One day, I’ll get the nerve to ask her about them. I could bring it up casually. Maybe something like, “Hey. How was your day? Cool. Cool. Oh, weird… Where did these come from? Guess they’re yours or whatever.” Another approach would be to accuse her of cheating on me and claim that the underwear were really for another man. Hmm. That may become a larger discussion. Perhaps, I should just go with my gut and burn down my entire apartment. That way, I destroy any evidence. The worst case scenario is that I ruin a pair of her underwear. I can always buy her new ones.