Dog Walking Job

Please send in a cover letter describing why you would make a good dog walker, please include details on your experiences with animals. 

“Outside of a dog, a book is a man’s best friend. Inside of a dog it’s too dark to read”.  While this Groucho Marx quote may not exactly delve into my qualifications and desire to be a dog walker I think it definitely shows I have a good sense of humor about being one.

I, like a lot of people, grew up around animals especially dogs. The first being Hobo the lost golden retriever that my family took in. More than a best friend he was a great companion to grow up with. Same with Cody Siegal the beagle, the dog my family got after Hobo went away (at least that’s what my parents told me).  I have never been a professional dog walker but I have experience walking my roommate’s cavalier spaniel in exchange for warm meals and the occasional cookie.

After graduating in May top of my class from San Diego State University I decided to move to New York to pursue a career as a writer. Turns out they don’t just hand those careers to anyone.  So while I work on my sketches and screenplays I realized some form on income might be nice. This is also a point my landlord has explained to me ad nauseam. So I had a think and realized I could stay in shape, hang out with some furry friends, and keep away those pesky eviction notices all by walking dogs!

I have held several jobs and internships in entertainment that while not directly related to dog walking, they required a lot of dedication, hard work, and the ability to present treats to good boys or girls. These are the qualities that I can bring to your dog walking business along with a fun, easy going personality that animals of all kinds seems to respond to. Oh, I’ve watched a lot of Animal Planet so I can handle a dog and also a tiger I think, should the need ever arise.


Thank you for your consideration,