Art Dealer Cover Letter


Busy art dealer with 30 years of experience seeks knowledgeable, hardworking shipping coordinator/art handler to join our growing staff !! 
Must have a great sense of humor and love animals (seriously). 

Working in the arts is never easy. I should know since I tell people I am in the arts all the time. If you think painting is hard trying telling a date you are a writer but not a paid one. Rather the kind that graduated from college in May.

While I haven’t ever shipped my own art seeing as stick figures tend not to need bubble wrap, I have worked all summer at my uncle’s photography showcase in New Jersey. I know what you’re thinking. “Why would I ever leave a small art gallery in new Jersey for New York?” My mother has often asked me the same question.

 It turns out that being a struggling writer in New Jersey is a sad story while being one in New York is funny and occasionally inspirational. So I packed my notepad and experience setting up an art show working at PBS and headed for the Big Apple. That is how I have now arrived at this cover letter and application to work for you.

Oh, I also graduated top of my class. Though we artist types know grades aren’t important. But if there are there you go.

Thank you,