Privacy Policy Update

By now, you’ve probably been inundated with privacy policy updates. Many companies are trying to make sure they’re compliant with new European privacy laws. is no different. In fact, a significant portion of our visitors are from Europe. That’s why we started spelling color the weird way.

We don’t expect everyone to read our updated privacy policy. It’s just a bunch of legalese to ensure we are still compliant and can keep doing the things we want to do. But if you are interested, here are the major updates:

  • We will no longer sell your data to the highest bidder, the lowest bidder, or really anyone with a credit card who wants some of your data.
  • We will stop turning on your webcam when you go to the bathroom.

  • We’ve outlined the “reasons” your “privacy” is “important” to us.

  • If you go from our website to another website, we’ll no longer judge you.

  • You can download all your personal data by going to a special page, searching for your name among the millions of visitors we have, and hitting “download”. Please only download your data.

  • Each page on our website will include a “look behind you” feature just to be safe.

  • Any visitors that are determined to be major gossip queens will be banned.

  • The “report a traitor” feature will be turned off everywhere but in the most strict of dictatorships.

  • The thing where after you visited our website you’d get tons of pop-ups, spam mail, unmarked packages, and strange cars following you will be curtailed.

  • We will no longer store your data in a non-password protected folder in our intern’s Google Drive. It will now be password protected.