Podcasts I'm Doing This Month

Last Thursday’s Sandwich
This has been one of my favorite podcasts for months. I’m so excited to sit down with Luke, Alexis, and Tom to discuss the pastrami on rye I had last Thursday.

Two Frogs and Janice
Janice and her two frogs interview their guests about love, loss, and everything in between. It should be a lot of fun!

A Little Bit of Barbara
Barbara is only on the show for about 2 minutes. After that, the episode will mostly feature Karen. She’s hilarious!

Text M for Murder
My good friend Sarah co-hosts this murder podcasts...with a twist! In each episode, Sarah and her guest text random people the plot to “Dial M for Murder”.

The Good Friends Show
Doug and Jamie, two of my good friends, are finally having me on to discuss our friendship.

My Worst Splitter
This will actually be part two of the last time I was on “My Worst Splinter”. It was a really bad splinter.

How I Got Here
This podcast has been blowing up recently so it’s really exciting I finally got asked to do it! On each episode, Sally, Eric, and Tonya discuss the way their guest got to the studio.

Please Leave a Message
This has been an indie favorite for some time and always the podcast I recommend to people who love comedy. This time we’re calling a law firm 2 hours after they’ve closed and leaving a message.

The Worst I Ever Bombed
On each episode, Todd and Emily interview a veteran about the worst thing he or she ever bombed. I’ll be joined by my dad’s old boss who will share some of his ‘Nam stories.

Sorry, Hang on a Second
Hank conducts each episode while he’s busy at work. He recently got hired at Best Buy. It should be wild.

Needs No Introduction
I’ll admit, this show took a bit of getting used to since the hosts just start talking without ever introducing their guest. But, they have really wacky games!