Small Business Saturday at

With Amazon coming to NYC, it’s more important than ever to support small businesses. That’s why is taking part in Small Business Saturday.

It’s true that we are basically on the cusp of becoming a conglomerate. But for tax reasons, we’re still considered a small business. In truth, has always been small. It’s just me, the founder of, and over 10,000 content creators from the same countries were Nike makes its shoes.

So, what do you say? Give the big box stores a break this weekend and support a business that really cares about its customers—not its bottom line (though profits are EXTREMELY important).

Here’s a look at some of our deals:

  • 25% off factory second articles

  • Exclusive discounts on partner websites. Just use the discount code they provided in their promotional emails!

  • 75% less malware sitewide

  • A tote

  • A bunch of free stuff with every purchase that we got during the last NPR pledge drive!


Alex Siegal

Founder and CEO of, a Walmart company