Introducing Business Class

People love coming to But after a while, they naturally wonder if there’s an elevated level of comfort and service they could get. That’s why we created Business Class.

In Business Class, you’ll be able to browse the site with amenities like a search button, unlimited views of my videos, and a Best of Motown playlist.

Think what that’ll be like. You come home after a long day, take off your jacket, tie, shirt, belt, pants, socks, shoes, and underwear. Then, put on a comfy pair of shorts with a loose top and maybe some slippers. And once you collapse onto the couch, you pull up on any device (it’s responsive), type in your unique code, and you’re immediately transported to a state of pure relaxation with songs from the Jackson 5. Like this one:

Sit yourself down, take a seat
All you gotta do is repeat after me
It's easy as, 1-2-3

Man. What a classic! But of course, it’s not all chart toppers. The playlist also includes some lesser-known, but very influential Motown favorites. Take this song for instance:

You know you took my love, threw it away
You gonna want my love someday
Well a bye bye baby
(Bye bye bye)

Come on! Nothing? Mary Wells. 1960. The song basically launched her career. She was 17 years old when she recorded that. What were you doing when you were 17? Ah, forget it. You people wouldn’t know Motown Sound if it hit you over the head. Just choose something for yourself:

My love, my baby love
I need you, oh how I need you
Why you do me like you do
After I've been true to you
So deep in love with you

The Supremes. Real original. You know what? I’m shutting down Business Class. No. It’s too late. I’m not wasting my time. I hope you and Dianna Ross are happy together.