Important Announcement

After months of backroom negotiations, I’m pleased to announce that Perdue Chicken has bought a majority stake in my website,  As many of you assumed, from the moment my site went live I was inundated with requests for mergers, partnerships, and acquisitions. So naturally, the process was a difficult one.

And I know what you’re thinking “Hey, why Perdue Chicken and not a company that seems more fitting for, such as Tyson Foods?” That’s a fair question, and I’ll admit, the choice was not an easy one. I needed to ensure whomever I worked with would keep the spirit of alive and that I’d retain full editorial control. So naturally, after more than 50 years in the poultry business, with innovations such as the skinless breasts and flash-frozen drumsticks, Perdue was just the clear winner.

Effective immediately, my weekly blog, “Ask Alex from,” will be replaced with the twice-weekly, “Perdue Chicken Presents: Ask Alex from”. My other site content will largely stay the same except for some new features:

  • “The Chicken Corner,” a series of short stories about love, loss, and properly cooked chicken
  • “Tastes Like Chicken,” a podcast series where I interview employees from Perdue’s various plants. It’ll be like “This American Life” meets “60 Minutes” meets an industrial chicken prep line
  • “Pollo,” a telenovela about two chicken farmers and their forbidden love

I really hope everyone likes the new site and bears with me as we work out a few kinks. They are inherent with any new business venture that requires USDA inspection.