We're Live!

After literally days of writing and designing, my website, AlexSiegal.com, is finally live! I can already tell things are going to be different from now on. Immediately, there are 3 things I expect to happen:

  1. I’ll start generating a lot of ad revenue. Granted, I’m not entirely sure how that whole thing works. But I’m told it involves “GoogleAdSense” or maybe it’s “GoogleAdWords”? Definitely “Google” something.
  2. I won’t pay rent anymore. Sure, with my newfound income I could probably buy my apartment. But as soon as word gets to my landlord that an Internet celebrity lives in his apartment, he’ll beg me to stay and offer to let me live in my room as long as I’d like, rent-free.
  3. I’ll no longer wait in line at Trader Joes. At some point, I’ll post a video saying how awesome their food is but how much I hate the lines. In return, Trader Joes will give me a special card that lets me cut to the front of every line. Even at their Union Square location on Sunday night. Even then. 

After these big accomplishments, it’s hard to imagine I’ll have greater success. So I’ll probably just retire and write my memoirs: “Alex Siegal: From Internet Star and American Treasure to Loving Father and Shrewd Businessman”.